Saturday, 10 August 2013

A comment on recent events

I've found out the CIA and Blair (along with Sawyers and Scarlet) actually set up an international crisis recently, for more than one reason, they had to make it very convincing even with people dying. A lot of this is to do with me, the fact they can’t stop me being famous, my hypnosis and the technology that comes with it and power.

I've found Blair, John Sawyers and John Scarlet are CIA. Gareth Williams was a CIA experiment, Sawyers had him bullied then American agents set him up with a job offer then when he went to America then pulled out so he had to come back to the UK so Sawyers had his excuse for doing his experiments on him, the same they are doing to me (see my link on a post below for details) to build people like me and Gareth.

Just after Blair was in the press (see below) they spike me with carcinogens or similar, this crisis may have helped this happen.

MI6 have told me Tony Blair spread a lot of defamatory information about me for the CIA to stop me being famous and getting in the way of their plan, I dont know how true this is.

Tony Blair is closely involved with the Rupert Murdoch divorce at the same time.

The CIA are trying to set up systems like they have in the USA where the CIA runs everything.

MI6 give me the impression they have pushed for the world to keep this quiet for a year (they need this to happen for some reason), This may have happened at the G20 recently. This recent crisis could be their way of telling the world about my hypnosis rather than telling country's directly. This would be a by product of the crisis.

The Tony Blair faith foundation is probably part of a CIA plan to put a system the CIA can control in place over time. (One things for certain I wont be part of a plan like that)

The seeming tactics with the CIA is putting a system they can control in place with seeming benefit, then taking control of it like what they are doing in the UK, what they probably have done with Rupert Murdoch's papers, probably what they are doing in other areas.

They have two goals; money and power around the world. Hopefully the world knowing the truth will stop people getting too much control, there is such a thing as too much power.

Why I know this

Paris has given me way too much information in the last year or so, he even told me MI6 has been put in charge of fixing the UK economy a few months ago, why would he ever tell me something like this? MI6 have given me the impression the PM cutting £ off spending was because of MI6. For months Paris has been telling me a)its difficult to officially get someone killed in the UK and b)it makes a lot of noise doing so, like the prime minister murdering me was what was going to happen. Then an international crisis comes along which may validate such actions. They will capitalize on me having no network for support to manipulate me and this situation. They knew recent events were going to take place.

Paris obviously benefited from me knowing these things.

A Comment on the cancer

Paris has also told me ‘we want to make it a close call’, was this related to the carcinogens?  He’s said  I’ll get out of this but I won’t have a life worth living’. He says I won’t even be able to see a child born when I get out of this. For some reason they seem to need something from me. 

It definitely looks like benzine I was spiked with on the x-ray, apparently anemia can be a side effect of benzine poisoning, I was prescribed iron tablets by Dr Christine at the time, I felt so Ill, I found it hard even walking down the street, eventually it got better after I was given the tablets, it took quite a while. They have tried spiking me in other ways with it recently. I should get my bloods done. They didn't seem happy when I read it gives you Leukemia rather than other cancers. When would this come on if I was spiked in January 2011 the first time? Are they going to murder both Ems parents the same way? I worry why they have such an interest in Ems. They have told me they have agents around Charlotte also, as always I can't trust what they say but I can know its highly likely. I find myself thinking when does this end? Will my eventual grandchildren be at risk? When you face things like this because of your genes where does it end? I guess when were not worth any money. Damion

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