Sunday, 11 August 2013

A comment

It seems MI6 and the CIA are using me and my information I put online to manipulate my readers/what history thinks. I will leave what I have put online but this is coming to a stop. I don't care to write bumbling nazi propaganda. I think the plan is America getting the money for quantum hypnosis and the UK taking the fall then getting the money back from america. Their main aim, the thing they will never shift on is money and power.

I think they want me dead, apparently the CIA really want samples from my left cerebellum because it is damaged so much, apparently like I'm dead, I cant sense peoples Id emotions at all nowadays, the stronger your separate brain waves the more you sense others brain waves of the same sort. They are also interested about my subconscious associating, the CIA think its really important for some reason. I know they want biopsys from me. It actually looks like they might have gone to a lot of trouble to stop me being famous; so america keeps control of my hypnosis and the machines I could build. Damion

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