Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Another comment on whats hapeing in my life at the moment

I feel I need to write now of whats been going on. I did want to wait until this was over to write more. 

I've talked to Beki, the mother of Ems. She sounds in a bad way, I don't know how long she has left, I don't think she does. MI6 are messing with my emotions about this, I don't want her to die. My hypnosis can help with Leukemia I think, you can use hypnosis to stimulate the body and its functions, they held high gamma FQ windows over a bone net to for a month after the Benzine to metabolize it faster or such like, it can give you lots of energy, it stimulates your bone marrow. If she gets help soon it might help a lot. I'm writing my own will at the moment. I've asked my doctors to find out how long until the benzine takes effect. I know when MI6 will move on to the pain experiments- they will use the cancer, I'm betting it is particularly painful. They say even hypnosis cant stop bone pain, I don't know how true this is having no training.

MI6 wanted all this to happen in a years time but because Charlotte turns 16 at new year they rushed it ahead, they have planned this for years, their plan must take a good few months, that much is obvious so they have more things to come. My guess is they want Beki and me dead in a year. I'm scared for Ems, she wont have any biological parents, I think she is a Theta like me, its not that apparent in childhood but she sounds so much like me and was walking and talking like me at 9 months. I've found they have plans for both my children, they are already targets, they have hypnotized them. Where does it end?

My friends (my good shrinks) are back, it nice to see them but I get constantly abused so its not too nice for us all, my friends are saying they were hoping to get a few good months with me.

My housemates have become aggressive and saying things which don't make sense like I'm being abusive and lie constantly, they have been mind control a lot. This is part of a plan to try and make me out to be a different person. MI6 say they will never admit they were wrong in the first place for some reason, I think it might be to protect Tony Blair. I'm under the impression Tony Blair is telling people I have had sex with a cat to stop me being able to get help and get out of this to stop people knowing the truth. Is this what Susan the hypnotherapist meant? This is based on when I was six years old when I rubbed myself against a cats tummy, I developed very early for some reason. I couldn't hurt an animal. How would having sex with a cat even work? I was planning to write about this in part 5 when all the rapes and video/s started happening but I feel I might not be able to write my book properly. I just felt I needed to write this to try stop them making out I'm a pervert.

This is all so America gets my hypnosis and all the technology that goes with it. Blair is CIA. I've found the CIA is taunting John Sawyers for leading his men over a cliff (he's got a lot of his people killed, this is so people don't realize he's working for the Americans, its pretty obvious; they are using some pretty basic psychology. Sawyers plans to get rich and leave his country in turmoil, his role for the CIA isn't over. The CIA had me drugged and shipped back to the UK in 2004, that was the beginning to their involvement in quantum hypnosis. Blair made a deal with America to become one of the global elite and the UK gets nothing. He did this at the expense of my country, at the expense of people like my children who might be raised to be batteries to train other peoples minds. 

Ive found out what Blair and co have been doing, they are trying to make me look like...someone who has got a lot of people killed. Some were MI6 agents abroad  Sawyers and Blair actually set them up and they wont have had a good time of it. Their plan is-if the world hates me then America can get my hypnosis (the manhatten project for the mind), if the world knows the truth public opinion would go against America and they wouldnt be able to lay claim to my work. I think Blair ect plan more of this kind of thing, I know of one group of people to come. There was a war with chemical weapons used to this end. 

All I can say is this is what brain wave training does. If anyone wants to know their plan take my situation as an example of their thought process- they will abuse me as long as possible, they will do as many experiments as possible, they will get get out every result they can without shedding light on my hypnosis as possible, they will make as much money and power as possible,they will do as many experiments as possible, they will let me live as short as possible, to die in as bad a way as possible and they will make themselves look as good as possible. That is basically their plan/planning. One final point- No matter how much they brain wave train us Aspies will always be so much better than that. Damion 

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