Saturday, 3 February 2018

Teresa mays crimes

Teresa may is happy for the queen developing waepons like this drug whivh is a crime so she can get back tthe money she stole from the treasury. I think she is illegally developing weapons and using my stockpile of old ideas mi6 logged to make money that should belong to me, not that I'd develop weapons.

If its worth anything to anyone the uk screwed over an agreement not to empty its treasury of gold, apparently it's all digital now though this did come from an mi6 agent.

Some people don't know the queen is in charge of mi6, they are playing a good guy bad guy thing.

Teresa and her ģovernment are only bothered about not being implicated in these crimes against humanity.

I'm not with it because of the drugging,  the Queens scientists from some institution are in stealing nets from me for their work. As I've just said to y hem,  I've achieved more in an hour than they could achieve in a lifetime.

Things are pretty bad. The world should think about going public about the hypnosis, that's if it wants me about. Damion

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