Wednesday, 17 May 2017

a little help and a revolution

Beki, the mother of my daughter is ill ive been told, a rare form of cancer. I need to get her the cure, can my international friends put a bit of pressure on MI6/the government to make sure she gets it. We have loads of the drug stockpiled, it would mean a lot to me. The mind control society needs to fall, this cure is for everyone, c'mon guys. Lets end this...There is an election here in the UK soon, the conservatives are planning on mind controlling their way to victory again targeting 'key voters'- voters who vote and a thousand people copy them, we have a chance for change here...We might have to fight for it though, A free Britain can only mean good things for the world... Now's our chance.

oh, and to my friends out there, thank you for the help with the baby situation, there are a lot of babies that have been freed, its lifted a lot of peoples morale, i mean this; your ace! Damion

p.s I know i keep asking favors but its only when its really important, i do intend to repay them.

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