Tuesday, 9 May 2017

temporal ships and an update

temporal ships from about the year 56,000 look rather like the front section of this ship but more spread out. im feeling a bit run down but i did manage to stop the torture, for a few days at least. i worked out you need to desync from your missing netting not just the nets to get them back, i got all my stolen nets back (some people who sold them//bought them were a bit pissed lol). This stopped the pain. they are stealing the messy nets growing back now, people think they make them more intelligent, if this is the case they will go crazy also, im a theta autistic. i found out i had +175% neural capacity, im down to +122% now. Im hanging in there guys, they are torturing me a lot because the mind control society is doing badly, they torture me more when it is like this. Found out Younger is a diagnosed psychopath. I fixed the disorder in him but he started messing with the new net under his Id i created to become more intelligent, i gave him his right and wrong emotions back and he threw it in my face. There has been a potential bad guy rebellion in MI^ against younger, I hacked he has stolen all their semen, their kids are on baby farms. I was quite surprised to see how parental they all are, i said i would help them with their kids, ive managed to free about 8-10 kids, the kids of two of the bad guys. Who they (as in most of my shrinks) call 'god' who runs an american big business is conducting these selective breeding programs, they are targeting all kinds of people. This is bull shit, i need help fighting this, fucking baby farms??? C'mon world...Rebel! Damion

P.s to my friends out there- any tactical support that can be given to the bad guys of mi6 would be appreciated, i said id help.

pps who the fuck is this 'god' fellow anyway, we need to rebel against this BS.

Similar to the ship 'the phoenix' from the year 56.000...

(the ship is larger than earth)

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