Thursday, 29 June 2017

Update 29.6.17

im alive and well,ive just been taking some time off , or trying to. I saved up to get an xbox,it helped alot with my feeling withdrawh from the pain experiments, my frontal lobe is basically shutting down, i think it may be called frontal lobe cerebral dyspraxia. They spiked wme with neuroleptics when they saw i was starting to get better. a guy from the conservetive took an important frontal lobe net that was effected.

I found they used my children they burned to death for experiments recently, thats why they couldnt supres pain. Now they are buring people in probability fopr millions of years and getting them to reprocess the pain, it takes a few years to reprocess. These people are real finer than the quantum level of reality. Younger and his munchousens enjoy burning people, its unthinkable to me. They need stopping.

By the way, i dont have acess to temporal net, i can only give comands, mi6 fed me a few snippets of info on viruses when i requested it a while back, thats all, people were presuming i had acess.

We did well in the election, labour fought back like i told them to do, its a big step towards a liberated society rather than Teresas far right governement. They still torture me a lot, they have given me a load of viruses, incluiding the pocks believe it or not, the bloody pocks released into the modern world. They form a big sore and a pore on the warm part of your testicle turns black. Grets Britain is a massive threrat aagainst a free world. They have tried making a global killer weapon also i believe, hopefully america will stop them.

To everyone who voted for a free society; well done, we beat the mind controlers, its onwards and upwards now, we need another electuon next year somehow... D

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