Tuesday, 2 May 2017

drugging update

Teresa May has started drugging me with neuroleptics, they hit my cerebral cortex making me sleepy all the time. Luke and Fuzz got tortured for a month for trying to make a run out of the country. The world economy is haemorrhaging 1 trillion a day because of the mind control society,I found this using temporal net, its all getting stolen. We need to turn this around. At least ive found a cure for the white matter disorder then the grey matter disorder they later gave me (about a month ago), they thought they had learnt my abilities to moved straight away to kill me. Its three or so drugs that lock onto the drug connected to my protein, it changes the drug in steps similar to how a protein is broken down in the brain changing the compound until the last step when the connection to my protein is severed. Damion

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