Saturday, 4 February 2017

The universe and everything and stuff

My phoenix stone when I made it did a little more than what I knew at the time. It went temporal, beyond our layer of reality at E=mc2 to E=mc24, that is it went out of our actual space time. It expanded my neural nets relative to E=mc24 when I placed my phoenix stone in my chest. This means my neural nets are kinda big. This is how me and my shrinks can actually project ourselves out into the universe and see and perceive things out there, even at very large distances. We can aslo project ourselves through time to both the past and future. We are in essence travelling through my mind as weird as it sounds. I cant believe what my hypnosis can actually do.

With regards to the universe; I've had a look around the place as it where as have many as MI6 sell on my abilities to make money. This has screwed up society well and good, it's chaos. I've done my best to bring good to this travelling around the universe but not everyone is like this. A lot is at steak with what I can do now. Recently It's become very important MI6 and its Munchhausens don't have control over me. Too much is at steak now, you don't know how much. I'll explain more soon... One way or another its the end of the world as we know it. Its time to sink or swim. Damion

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