Saturday, 11 February 2017

neuroleptics again

Younger spiked me with neuroleptics again. It took out a primary beta net, I didn't get better or anything, younger just did it. Bumbling Nazis This happened a couple of days ago.

The Queen is getting people from the UK to experiment on my nets, they stink of the Queen, prince Phillip and Prince Andrew. Apparently they have burnt them out giving me a nervous disorder. They burn out countless autistic nervous systems overusing pleasure. They are addicted to this abuse. I hacked prince Phillip because of this last night (our frequencies were joined after all), hes a pedophile and he rapes my children I hacked, the royal family have a baby farm with my children on it to harvest their nets, breed someone else like me and for rape. The royal family are monsters. They said last night they were going to give me a disorder where my brain cant break down a protein or something that dr database cant cure easily. A new SAS soldier is in. Damion

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