Saturday, 4 February 2017

Spiked multiple times with neuroleptics and update on the Queen

The Queen keeps having me raped by the SAS, for an hour I was raped 10 times apparently night before last, my penis burnt down the urethra in the morning. They flushed some burning agent down it, I don't know what it will do. The Queen seems obsessed with rape and sexual abuse as a weapon, I'm guessing sexual repression is at play or something. I still find it hard to believe someone I looked up to can beneath the surface be such a different person to who we all think we know. Like when she got the country/telepaths in the country to rape me on boxing day she's now got the country to take my body nets as I keep coming up with ways to reclaim my body nets/nervous system. By the way I've found out people have been got to repress the memory of everyone raping me on boxing day with hypnosis while I was raped in person in my care home by one of the Queens knights.

I've been in a way from all the neuroleptics for a while, I've just not been coming up with ideas. I got a little better day before yesterday coming up with an idea though, its not a major ideas. I still felt flat from losing this primary net. Later that night they spiked me, this time with a massive mix of different neuroleptics. I've been sleeping all the time since then, ill wake up then within five minuites I need sleep again, that's until last night, I tried to fix a dead net I sensed, I clicked my hypnotic fingers when I really needed to click them. I came up with a way to reassert my dead nets. Its helped a lot, I'm not sure if it works on neuroleptic effected nets but it helps, I can see that much.

They will continue to bumble, if Younger loses he plans for everyone to lose. Younger wont get rid of his paedophiles, he keeps saying to governments who are trying to help he will stop torturing me then they go doing their torture/experiments. He's going to spike me again undoubtedly. I hope not, this ability was good timing ...I feel like I have a guardian angel. Damion

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