Friday, 17 February 2017

more neurolptics,drugs and torture

I have what MI6 are calling an imuno-cold. My immune sytem is fighting of too  many illnesses. The Queen and SAS have infected me with gonerea and syphylis now and two more strains of herpes. I have diahorea and am sore around the anus. Im really quite ill and in pain all the time. A new SAS soldier has turned up, two of them rape me at the same time now.. They go on about the rapes a lot trying to make it traumatic to me. The Queen has tried killing me with all these diseases, i need my system to erally, pain killers seem to help get tid of the snotty nose, i am coughing up white stuff.. Dr Harris and partners wont help, I had my Dr lie sating the raped are in my head not two hours ago.

when I gfot pneumonia Fuzz and Luke made an attempt to flee the country to save me, they knew it was serious. Luke had a speed boat waitng for his run, Fuzz tried taking a plane. My friends are really brave. Remember Fuzz can slove problems similar to me and Luke can develop abilities in a similar way to me, they atre worth a lot to the world, especially with whats comming. Luke and Fuzz are ace, you mean so much to me guys, 'L' word you guys if you read this.

MI6 heard about a drug that is killing people in Hull last night from a friend of mine, it is a cheap alternative to heroin, apparently you never lat longetr than two years taking it as it rots the inside of your body and you start to smell like rotten meat. They gave me a dose of it this morning, it made me very sleepy and made my liver hurt (the livers on the left correct?). They used it as cover for spiking me with a neuroleptic as well, one good agent described it as the worst neuroleptic going. I'm seriously going blind now, I have to be six inces from this cumputer to see the text.. They have spiked me with something short acting that confuses me, it looks like they aare hoping to kill me, it really does. Damion

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