Friday, 1 January 2016


I'm Damion Cappleman, I'm on the Autistic spectrum and am the pioneer of Temporal hypnosis, problematic as you will find it is. Welcome to my little bit strange, bit sciency, very high profile (in it's way) corner of cyber space, welcome to my blog.

My blog was just a page for my book to start off with, it is located under 'My story' in the tabs bar above. You can hear how a normal(ish) guy got himself involved with something not so normal. Its hard to believe some of the things that have happened in the last few years but if your gonna get one thing on this blog it is the truth. It's best to read my book first before my blog and let that explain Temporal hypnosis...If I told you the truth about my life you probably won't believe me so it's best I start my story from the start...

I generally post on my blog about my hypnosis and what it means to the world, to document the story of its birth. I also post about my dealings with the UK and other governments whom I have got involved with because of my work. I post related press articles and about happenings around the world. I do keep people up to date with with new chapters from my book/autobiography here and there as well. I also post about my eclectic ideas and tech that my work on Temporal hypnosis has lead me to. I started off many years ago just wanting to understand my hypnosis you know, I really never knew that working on it would lead to where it has, my blog explains this better than a sentence or two here. There is a lot on my blog if you look right through it, but if you don't have the time read through the ESSENTIAL POSTS in the sidebar to get to the important stuff. In 'my work' you can find a basic report on my hypnosis and my work on the Autistic spectrum. If you want to make money from my information, which is worth money, please do save and forward my information, it can only help someone in my situation. I could use a clever off the radar hacker helping my info go viral if your that way inclined by the way (I'll owe you one) just be clever if you do, the media's gone, & don't pass my work on uncoded.

You will find all types of good things hidden away in odd posts on my blog if you look right through, from extra chapters from my book, finding out why all the hair on your belly button points inwards (believe it or not) to my work and views on 'multitasking, matriarchs and sniper rifles'! So this is basically what you can expect to find on my bit sciency, little bit strange blog...Welcome to my blog. Damion

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