Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The CIA take over of MI6 and where this all started

At the end of the Second World War, the nazis were defeated, the father land was no more...We had won a long and bloody war. The war was won, but it wasn't the end of the Nazis brutal ways. Some of their scientists found their way to the west plying their narrow minded science for the CIA, the scientists planned a slow and much longer war, a much more subversive war.

The CIA took on these scientists from the third reich, ones who conducted brutal experiments in concentration camps and the like, they showed the CIA the apparent benefits of their methods, and how people could gain results from this cold methodical 'doing what's it takes' abuse. This was the scientists way of indoctrinating people in the CIA, by making them money, by giving them what they wanted, and I am sure by letting people make all their own decisions on their subversive walk towards indoctrination. 

The Nazi scientists working with the CIA lead to such unthinkable experiments as 'MK ultra' and 'Monarch mind control' taking place. For those who don't know Monarch mind control it is traumatising a person so much they completely repress the memory of what happened, in the CIA today they regard it as more of a 'procedure', this is just Nazi BS to make it sound expectable. All they did with these experiments was basically torture people as badly as they could while saying 'do what we want' to all intent and purpose (by the way, just a note for the CIA; Your sick projects were worthless, a second rate science for people who can't do things the right way, also; completely outdid these projects, did nothing wrong, hurt no one, took me tewnty minutes*).

I know for sure the CIA is now in the process of indoctrinating MI6 and trying the same tactic the scientists used but here in the UK. I fear other countries may be at risk of this tactic. I guess Spectral hypnosis has given the CIA this opportunity. They have been 'helping' MI6 get more and more money and power inside the UK for some time, too much power, MI6 is meant to operate only abroad but has changed its roll, the heads of MI6 and many agents in MI6 are openly on the CIA payroll. I found this out after Luke went back to HQ, I got word he couldn't believe there was open expectance of CIA rule. MI6 has changed it's roll without the knowledge of our government, parliament or people. It has started taking control of big business, the press and more infrastructure, so if you control MI6; you control the UK. Great Britain is at risk.

It is like our country is fighting a virus in its immune system, a fight I guess that mirrors what happened in the CIA after the war. Even the Queen wants MI6 stopped which has lead to her facing problems, she would be seen as a threat because she remembers what Nazis did last time they threatened this country ana world, her generation remembers, something it is apparent is fading from living memory.

Many agents support me and my plan to fix things in the UK, something needs to be done, It's just getting in a position of power or in the press. Three GCHQ agents tried initiating an emergency plan a couple of weeks ago because of what's happened, I was told to put the code word COBRA online, it triggers an emergency plan. They tried isolating this agent from GCHQ, he had to rely on me putting it on my blog to get back up. We need people firstly knowing what's going on, then secondly fighting what's going on. Damion

'Your everything this country hates'-Queen Elisebeth the second summer 2013-

This is a comment rumoured inside MI6 to have been made by the Queen referring to MI6 and its takeover by the CIA, it was heard by me from a few separate sources.

*The comment is related to the 'Ripley and the Phoenix stone' chapter in my book, it felt like nearly an hour but under hypnosis time goes by very slowly, a quarter or third of normal, it was actually closer to twenty minutes. Professional pride of being better than Nazis is why I put this statement in.

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