Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Kevin and Kelly residents at Hawthorn court mental institute

Kevin the old man on hawthorn- The white delta wave field helped Kevin a lot, he stopped coughing up flem, his lungs sounded a little dry, he beathed more easily and seemed better in himself. But yesterday he was as bad as when I first met him, he was constantly trying to cough up flem, dribbling, he was even shaking now which I've never seen. I saw them removing a black field made from PR's mind, well from his lungs. I'm hoping they put the delta field back, it relaxes all the cells in his lungs, it probably increases the lungs surface area, it works how my protein manipulation technology works I mentioned in an earlier post (by breaking hydrogen bonds in proteins through an electrostatic reaction).

Kelly Ray- she has a severe patrician, they are doing a stupid experiment, they stole her Luke's net and synchronised it with my mind. 

This explained- if you gen a green triangle in front of you, then run your hand across the space between your mind and the green triangle you should sense some energy, this is actually how the universe which is pretty cool (quantum particles that make your mind turning into photons). Now you will find it's possible to sever this chain of energy, you can cut it off with a gen'd sword if you find this difficult. This is desynchronising the net, doing the opposite is possible, this is how they synchronised me with Kelly's Luke's net.

They made the mistake of me catching a look at it, it has red bits in it, red is hyper delta, I'm not sure if there will be a hyper delta net that has formed in her brain of if it's just in Luke's net. One thing I know is the Id is involved here. I've told mi6, don't give me an inch with this kind of thing. (This is based on the saying 'give them an inch they take a mile).

I'm on the spectrum so it might help her me adapting to this net, I'm sure they want to transplant it back. Unfortunately they are holding a thick black field in the middle of it, a stupid experiment. Why should these scum be allowed to do work that effects the whole world. The only useful things come from me. Bumbling nazis.

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