Friday, 8 August 2014

Why does the hair on your belly button point inwards? An age old question possibly solved

had a new idea a while ago, I do believe I've solved an age old question, a great question science has tried to solve for many many years...why does the hair on your belly button all point inwards?

My theory is- It's because of the way the body grows; all hair on the body points in the direction in which it grew. So I would say we first grow from cells at the crown of the head, behind it the hair grows downwards so the head grows down from the crown, in front of the crown the hair grows forwards so the head also grows forwards from the crown. Our sideburns grow downwards so I'd say the face grows down from the front of the head. The hair on the arms and legs points downward, all I believe in the direction which they grew. I think this is all down to us growing more on the outside of our body compared to the inside so the cells on the outside will push forward faster making the cells there point more in the direction of growth, a drag effect.

So...My theory is the hair around your belly button all points inwards because of the direction in which it grew, from when you were inside your mothers womb, when your body grew it's umbilical cord to connect to your mothers womb. 

This is just something I stumbled on some time ago while trying to work out something to do with the brain (which way neurons point if your wondering). 

Just a more cheerful post rather than what I usually have to write about. Damion

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