Friday, 1 August 2014

An idea- The Quantum transistor

Had an idea... You know transistors exchange frequency and amplitude in an electrical current right. But is the same effect possible with electromagnetic waves and virtual photons? I don't know established science on this one, It would be nice actually having people like physicists, neurologists, engineers ect to work with, I feel we could achieve a lot. It also would help a lot, people like me are really designed to be part of a team. For now I'll just share my idea I've had here.

I think a quantum transistor must be possible. When you make a Phoenix stone you use a technique I call Field Compression, you firstly create an electromagnetic field then collapse this field, in doing this you are changing the properties of the photons and virtual photons there. I think a lowering in frequency leads to an increase in amplitudethere, like in an electrical transistor. I think the reverse effect of enlarging a field will be possible to achieve  an increase in frequency but a lowering of amplitude. 

I am also sure when you change a virtual photons wavelength it changes how they travel through time/behave. I think the energy of a Phoenix Stone is actually moving through time more slowly compared to the energy that created it.

So.. I think Electromagnetic and Quantum Transistors as well as Electrical transistors are all possible. Electrical, Electromagnetic and Quantum are symbiant energies after all. 

I don't mind sharing ideas like this I think are safe on my blog, I wouldn't share an idea if I thought it was dangerous on here but I think this idea is safe. I just wanted to add that, MI6 and the CIA do like to make out I'm dangerous ect.

This is just an idea I had today, Just an idea I thought I would share.

Damion Cappleman 1/7/14

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