Thursday, 31 July 2014

The needless abuse of Autistics

I think Deltas and Thetas will be getting tracked down around the world to recreate my abilities given the competitive market in my abilities that has been created. The world that knows of my hypnosis wants to keep it secret so we're pretty defenceless at the moment as a race of people.

I need people to know something, I am not just a Theta, I'm a savant. I don't think many people can do what I can, others on the spectrum won't be able to. It's not just frequencies, I've always just known about my hypnosis, like it is familiar to me but also new, like what I am designed for, a trait of savant syndrome. Other Thetas and Deltas won't have this I'm sure. Maybe people will leave others on the spectrum alone from knowing this. Savants seem to be rare and I guess a hypnotic savants even rarer. Freud a century ago was the last person like me I know of, I hope people at least stop trying to get abilities from people who never could have them. I also reiterate from a previous post 'giving people on the spectrum breakdowns will never make them a savant'. I know it's very rare and not just genetic. My stolen semen is more pointless suffering, a simple argument 'what person like me in history ever passed his skills on to his children', I don't know of any.

The solution is me and my shrinks finishing what we started. I'm in a state from the torture and experiments but us Thetas are resilient, a few hours in a friendly conscious net and I'll be a lot better. I don't know anyone else who can do what I can and get rid of the competitive market in autistic brain waves. I need to turn spectral hypnosis into a science and it needs to be shared world wide, so the minds of us on the spectrum cease to be worth more than our rights as human beings. Damion

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