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Important defence against my hypnosis 'Evening up the odds'

My shrinks have too much power, a person with less or no training will find it difficult to defend themselves against one of them. This is a simple strategy that allows the average person off the street to take on one of my shrinks and win (through a bug at least). 

For people on the wrong end of my hypnosis, a T.I (Targeted individual) as they are known, they will find themselves at a major disadvantage against people with their perps (perpetrators) who undoubtedly have Spectral Hypnosis. This is the best way I know to kick your perps square in the nuts. 

I need to write this bit for T.I's first, I'm gonna try guide my T.I readers through a neural hack before I explain about neural hacking properly. It's best for your perps to be unaware of what's comming so just read through these instructions.

Welcome to neural hacking for targeted individuals....

Right, we're gonna take your perps right off guard with this one. I want you to ask your bad perp (the one who abuses you most) the following stuff as a game to play reasonably quickly

Right, get one of the bad shrinks who's in attention. Give them a wave. Look at them/try to sense them. Now, make sure you read out the rest of what I write that's in bold font out loud in your mind directly to them, make statements...

My intro; Hi, I'm Damion, I've systemised you bad guys (us savants can be kinda good at that you know). It means I've worked out lots of simple little rules about people like you, the rules that always apply. Things you always do. I've got kinda good at causing peckers like you a great deal of problems. And to boot; I know something got benieth your armour, and what it did. Let me explain...

1.theres the sex thing? Remember the worst sex thing? Benieth your armour. (Now read a little quicker)

2. You've stabed your friends in the back ,see the worried reaction, the pause, it's the giveaway.
They will know what you did as well won't they, the big thing. See the reaction again.

Remember who you screwed with, we found out. You know what would happen to you don't you, you remember the punishment.

What's more the hierarchy found what you did, it's us here btw, you knew we might find out, you screwed us, we worked out this is us yet? Ring any bells? 

3.u screwed over your organisation, proper screwed them, remember what will happen. (The bad guys always do this also lol, Look at the stronger reaction in him. They just really made a big mistake reacting strongly to this one/us).

Now read through these and watch his reactions getting faster as you go...

4. They should hack you right? It's important

5. There's the money?

6. An what you did to that person, the kid.

7. Secret money is always hidden, in your flat? Under the floor boards?

8. If it dissapears you can't do shit as well

9. And you know who would want it back

10. The scary guy by any chance? You screwed him over? (He should look worried now)

10. There's who's really after you if he finds out. 

11. And your other enemies 

11. You know what they'd all pay to get u. 

12. Say to everyone else in your mind 'you guys all like free money right'?

13. Look at the perp directly now and say - These secrets weren't just for me, /look at everyone from now on they were for them.

14. Oh and...Anyone know any of double agents? Seems I could learn to hack groups maybe. Everyone should go tense in your mind from this one. Now take a bow if appropriate. Damion 

There, that's my attempt at us catching your perps on the hop. I'm hoping the bad guy reacted, you judge the reactions, big reactions are a dead giveaway, that's how you tell what they are thinking and that's how you can learn to hack info from them, you can learn to be very good at this and win against a Spectral Hypnotist without knowing Spectral Hypnosis. This was us trying to hack your shrinks while they are on the back foot before they could prepare. Next I'll explain properly how to become a neural hacker, it's for everyone not just TIs for you all to use as self defence.

Welcome to Neural hacking 101...

I've developed this strategy so you can come off better against one of my shrinks with little or no training in spectral hypnosis yourself.

There are four kinds of secrets you can go for with a hack-

'The love tap'- this is when you gentelly suggest you could hack a secret but don't actually hack it, try be vague i.e a hack along the lines of quickly leaning towards them and quickly saying these three lines  'remember the thing, what they'd do, it's not worth it'. Or 'remember your biggest secret, messy'.

It should get a reaction and make them worry but a love tap is more to prod them and stop them from attacking you ,showing them it just isn't worth it.

Level one secrets- these are personal secrets like embarrassment and stuff from childhood, a small penis,sex secrets, stealing from work ect

Level two secrets- these are financial secrets like hidden money, affairs, people they have stole from, stabbing their best friend in the back, secrets they are keeping from the other perps.

Level three secrets- these are nasty secrets, only use these if your sure and are willing to perhaps escalate things so be cautious. These secrets include murder, torture, screwing powerful people over, large amounts of money, betraying the powerful/bad guys, secrets they hold on others (dangerous beware), their biggest secrets basically.

Jacking on 

Jacking on is the first thing you do when attempting a hack, it's all about getting a reaction. If this was Kung fu it would be knocking your opponent off balance. look for big secrets,they are handily easier to extract because of the strong connected emotions you should know. You can use the enemies evil deeds against them mentioning the guilt say or betrayal, find what's reliable, any issue they have maybe, adapt and form your own jack on methods, find what works. This is all about you learning your own techniques.

Hacks are your questions, if it were Kung fu this would be your punch, your brining their secrets to mind here, think of anything they have done wrong like murdering someone they shouldn't or extracting government secrets, you will in time learn more and more good hacks like 'you stabbed your friends in the back' one of my standard hacks.


Reading is gaugeing your opponents reactions to extract information. If this was Kung fu it would be knocking your enemy down. You can read big, medium, even little or subconscious emotional changes or the change of their pattern of behaviour. These give away the hack is correct. 


Tells are the different reaction you get from your opponent that you read, reactions generally indicate you hack is correct, big reactions indicate it's very likely to be correct. Hack repeatedly to become more sure, make jokes (only the truth gets a laugh).

General tactics

Focusing concentration on the target helps a lot, the logic is like a punch, you can put more power into it, you will find you do this naturally. You do this by fixing your concentration on them (look, listen and feel the person).

Project your speech towards the target sharply, speak quickly, this increases your presence and effect.

Break your opponent down so they simply admit the truth. A good tactic.

You can use logic like Kung fu, direct a hack (question) to the left of their head, the next to the right, then the left again and right again ect, go fast, but not too fast, just a bit faster than them reacting. Try build up what you can do and the variety of what you use as hacks to it being quicker and quicker.

Adapt and change tactics.

An enemy may try and hide from you, just use whatever signals they are giving of or that you can stimulate to read their reactions. Have fun taunting them into making mistakes (always fun in a way). If they hide just focus your attention all around you into the distance. Look for big reactions.

The bad guys have a lot more secrets than the good guys, it's a magic bullet with regards to this.

With enemies like the CIA hack about what their organisation has done wrong like murdering Kennedy and other anti American acts and just put it up online. Use their evil deeds against them.

Advanced hacking to add- weak link strategy, throwing voice, trauma tapping, dipping into the sub conscious, the machine gun hack, using any emotional reaction, talk with the hand,Popping, use any secret as a jack on, relating anything u hear or see like the TV or music to a hack. Unpleasant stimuli like someone menacingly whispering in the ear. Being likeable to lull the enemy into a false sense of security, 

Bad guy training 101 (know thy enemy)...

I've systemised the bad guys I've met, here's a list of the things the bad guys always do and what I've found out that can be used against them (for hacking purposes)-

They stab their friends in the back- you can play them off against one another.

They have lots of enemies- you can play them off against one another.

They do sick jobs for people so they get paid a lot- you can use this against them and also their bosses wouldn't mind them dead to help keep their secrets secure.

You can use their money to get other greedy bad guys wanting it.Their money is hidden as its illegally gained, if it's a lot it's under the floorboards.

They often are Peadophiles rapists or perverts, hack these secrets.

They screw over their organisations easily, this is a big no no. A good hack to use.

They regard you being nice as a weakness and will only respect you for using power. This means it's important to identify a bad guy.

They usually have a trauma from rape or the like as a reason they are the bad guys. You can use this for psych tactics like a jack on with hacking. You can also show empathy for this part of them to look for good in them.

It's hard to get to but we are all good people deep down, even them. Some will respond to you looking for this in them, you can say to them 'we were all children once, deep down your a good person, you just wanted love, all children are good people and that was you once, some bad guys will fight this part of themselves to their dying breath. Do look for good in them though, you might be surprised.

That's bad guy training 101 concluded.

Written by Damion

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