Thursday, 24 July 2014

A friend in need

I've just recently (four days ago) met a Chinese male of around my age I'd say. He made a very good impression, I called him Lieu.

He is a good person, I would be happy to train a shrink like him. He didn't even need teaching 'don't panic' (the first thing I would teach someone ) and he is brave enough to stand up for what is right. 

MI6 started being aggressive because he knows what's at steak now. He sided with me like a lot of shrinks have, I might be brain damaged but I can still achieve what I set out to. To fix illnesses, train my shrinks and help make sure my hypnosis doesn't go wrong around the world. He was arguing with MI6 to do things my way. This happens a lot with my good shrinks, They are dealt with one by one. A nazi technique I believe. They are all to scared of the CIA who is in control of MI6.

They threatened they would send Lieu back to china. I told him if they did this to say something, that I had met him, and I'd regard it as a personal favor he was well treat. I started problem solving as I do, I reasoned I could write this online, or use my work, it can help many people around the world. I know it is of value to people. This is not the first time I have had to say these things to try help one of Blossoms people. This is why I am writing this now, to stand by my word.

I have found Blossom has two hundred souls in her charge, tho I haven't seen her in some time. I find myself liking and having respect for the Chienese I have met from this group. I'm sure now, after forming friendships with Blossom,Hiro, a martial artist I named Bruse and others that our people are very opposite but well suited friends.

I would regard it as a personal favor if these people and their families can be shown forgiveness and compassion by the Chienese government. I know Bruce especially (a student of wing Chung) is worried about someone at home, a girl close to him.


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