Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The story of the frequency of lightning

Us Spectral hypnotists can sense and learn frequencies from our environment as strange as it sounds. Everything is made up of from energy just like our minds are. I've even started enjoying tuning into audio waves while listening to my portable speaker, it creates a nice high clear black frequency in the mind that I guess is over 100Hz, it makes the music sound much clearer and, kind of tuned in to it.

I'm still a prisoner on this psychiatric ward, Mill view court, the place where I faced the worst time in my life, when MI6 tried to make me kill myself. Its not as bad as in 2007 but times are tough, I'm in a mild but constant pain. 

Today there is a thunderstorm, for the second time since I arrived here. The first storm was about three weeks ago now I'd guess. Something strange happened to me during the first storm. I saw how heavy the storm was, I decided I wanted to go out in the storm and enjoy it thundering down around me, I knew it was reckless, after all I have a bug in me that my life depends on. To tell you the truth this just made it all the more exiting. I sat in an open shelter in the garden, the storm loudly hammering down rain around it. Then something I didn't expect happened. I saw a lightning strike , I feel something breath taking, a single second later I heard the thunder clap. It was very close then, about a mile. As the Lightning struck I felt... Something, a feeling of....Energy, activity...It was envigorating, a powerful frequency. I soon decided to leave behind my storm and go back inside with an interesting experience to make sense of.

Now I am sat outside in another storm as I write this, it is three weeks since my last experience. I want to feel the frequency of lightning again. I know what to expect this time so I have a song called 'Sometimes' by the band 'James' playing, it's on my speaker, it's the perfect song for this. I just had my near field (the field my bug creates) struck by lightning again. I felt the frequency again, it's exzilerating; the best word I can find to describe it. I counted four seconds until the thunder, It was about four miles away to the east. One strike I felt today was just on the edge of my near field, a little to the right of the other one, I counted to five before I heard the thunder, I felt a weaker sensation, my bugs range is definitely about five miles then. It feels invigorating being out in the storm, I feel more alive because of the danger. Im outside in a shelter which is basically a big metal cage. My life is weired sometimes, your just not meant to get struck by lightning to all intent and purpose and your most certainly not meant to learn a new special ability from it lol. Freaky-deeky. Other than occasional thunder I can't hear anything but the rain hitting concrete all around me. /is enjoying the thunder storm....Damion 

P.s if you would like to try recreate this simply do the same as me, go out in a thunder storm and be online (with a bug, 100hz works well) with a partner a mile or more away and wait for the lightning to hit your near field. It's quite an experience, be warned though, I think I have a lighting shaped scar in my EMA from this, two actually. I can't help but think this is a little cool, like Harry Potter lol. :-)


A comment on my situation and where I am
Just got put in hawthorn court in Beverley, they are EMT'ing me with all the residents, some are in a right way, one dribbles a lot, they told me that dr fofi made a deal with them in the last ward to have them leave his tennants alone, not that they listened, it seems the same isn't true here at all. I'm on a ward with an alpha of some sort one said when I stood near her, a young girl. What the hell has happened to our government... Damion

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