Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Some elements of chapters I may not get to write

It looks like Tony Blair, John Sawyers and John Scarlett want me dead. I had a very strange reaction to a drugging the other day, a device down my throat instead this time. I am going to put up a video soon, I felt strange and started sweating a lot, my sick actually made my skin die on my left hand I used to induce vomiting, is this a reaction to a leukemia/cancer drug? I hope I'm wrong. I am hesitant to write too much in my book as since 2004 MI6's main aim is to control what the world thinks, along with other such things like the Bumbling Nazi attempts at understanding the brain.

I want to state something Paris said about one year ago about whats to come- 'we want you to be known as one of the most tortured people in history', 'we want to make it so no one will help you' how would they do this if a) country's don't have my hypnosis and b)I'm an innocent Asperger?... 'we wont let you end this because of your children (3 months ago)', 'you will get out of this but you wont have a life worth living'. There is always a grain of truth to what Paris says.

For when Blair tries to get away with crimes against humanity I'd like to state this- many people in government, MI5 and just about all of MI6 know well of Tony Blair's full knowledge of the experiments and attempts on my life (one of his aides in downing st sent me a letter saying they were looking in to my situation while he was in office), all it takes is one good person to make a difference, and there will be plenty. I won over just about every person from government I met, this posed a danger to the people in charge, this explains a line in my book people may not understand- 'I am feared because I do what is right'

note-I am now working on letting the world know of some of the good and bad things to do with my hypnosis, it isn't easy with the drugging, constant abuse and only having my own advice and ideas on matters, I will do my best. Damion

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