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Mind control society tactics

Mind control society tactics

A list of some observed MI6 tactics

1. Religion and morality- God and our deep beliefs are a strong part of us all, they are a main way for MI6 to manipulate and control people. E.g.- I have seen them show a Muslim who I slept in the same cell with for a while a golden statue of some sort in his dreams, he would get on his knees and pray every single time they made him hallucinate this. I fear my hypnosis could be used to manipulate religions or even create them, I don’t care for false religions to be formed from my hypnosis or old ones to be manipulated. Dreams of god talking to you or even very convincing hallucination and a very strong feeling of love can easily be done.

2. Emotions-
Love- our partner, friends and children can be used against us. With hypnosis uncontrollable loving feelings can be forced upon us, quantum hypnotists can easily make you love. Our families can be subjected manipulation and control to control us.

Fear- From death threats, stimulating a strong sense of fear (the same as with love) is easily possible, I fear for the people of my hometown, apparently the CIA come down on people like a ton of bricks MI6 on people who fight back.

Anger- They will try and make you hate, hate has no useful place in the human mind, I’ve always pushed these feelings away, if you lash out I’ve always found it is accompanied by regret.

All emotions- Our emotions are braided to our logic, if our emotions are manipulated it can lead your decision making astray.

3. Sex- MI6 seems very obsessed with both sex and sexual abuse. My hypnosis can lead to very strong sex stimulation and addiction. Everybody can be subject to this, people can steal quantum body networks you can see with hypnosis- some of my shrinks actually collect nets to sell, one told me they had a quantum body net from a not to be named celebrity.
People they don’t like can have sexual dysfunction forced on them, there are ways to make areas go very unsensetive/knumb. Done to an extreme like on me this involved a lot of stretching/mutilation of all sexual orifices. If anyone has had symptoms like this you were abused by an agent of the UK intelligence community. They will try using strong sex emotions against you to alter your sexual tastes, a giveaway is very strong sex feelings in the bottom of your tummy, it will be a tactic they use more against the powerful, rich and famous to control them. It is also possible to effect a persons skin to make it lack natural oils, age very quickly and have a very puffy face, I've actually seen one star who has had this done.

MI6 would happily try and change someone’s sexual tastes to control them, imagine a very strong sex feeling in the pit of your tummy, they will use this tactic on people who are famous, or to stop someone being able to be famous.

4. secrets and blackmail- we all have private lives, MI6 will try and capitalise on this, a statistic I could mention the average UK citizen would serve 2 years in prison for every offence/violation they have committed. They can extract information even in your dreams, this relates to other things mentioned here.
I know their tactics, I’m where this hypnosis came from and I’m old enough so I know how defend my mind.  Be fearless if you have to face this, they may even try and make you ashamed, non of us are perfect; we are human beings, human beings are human beings.

5. Implanted memories- They will try and alter your thought process. In dreams they can search for memories, they will see what your memories look and feel like and then run through new situations with controlled hallucinations and stimulate your ego to implant them. This has happened a lot to people in Bridlington. I know one person who had an implanted memory in them; they liken it to being tortured, it is strong enough to form a trauma in the super ego. Just knowing this is possible is a defence against it, if you do not question you will not know.

6. Hallucinations and delusion and dreams- I know of one person who fired a fake gun off at me, they made believe he was in the matrix, if you don’t know of my hypnosis you can’t defend yourself.

7. Programming- Reactions to logic and situations can be pre programmed. Some programmes give you a sense of de ja vue when being relived.

8. Money- money can be easily used to manipulate many people. Mind control can get you a lot of money against the undefended.

9. Power- e.g  If you mind control the head of a police force you will have a lot of power over that force.

10. Attacking weak targets, if you are unaware you are vulnerable. If your not vulnerable for family friends and even children and others are at risk. My children have agents around them. The mother of one of my children had a bug in her; it was in the house where my daughter slept, just before she decided to sell her house.

11. Controlling Infrastructure (the mind control society)- MI6 is in the process of trying to Americanize Great Britain, this is so we can all be easily controlled if necessary, so whoever controls the people at the top control us all, some examples are-

They have made ‘TI UK’ a facebook group made up mainly of MI6 agents to control people who are up against MI6 by making friends and enemies online and to put out misinformation. People who are targeted will look places like here for help so this bypasses finding that help. I tried for years to find UK targeted individuals but then this group pops up with too many.

MI6 will probably move to the American tactic of trying to make out instead of them mind controlling people its aliens, god, demons, our neighbours or make it seem like we are basing our experiences on a movie (this actually seems to work on the Americans) to make the persecuted seem delusional.

They have tried to get control over our press and key figures, MI6 called the daily mail ‘the last free paper in our country’ when they published the information on Blair (someone needs a thank you for that one). Every main psychiatrist I have had has been MI6, even my mental health nurses, my new doctor is MI6 controlled, hypnotherapists, I tried for well over a year to find an Asperger Syndrome group, when I finally stumbled upon one they were MI6 (us Aspergers can’t lie very well at all). The police must have had hundreds of calls about MI6 doing there lobotomy torture in public (to stop people knowing I survived it intact) and they don’t respond, it looks a lot more like torture than an illness ive been told.

My impression is- We need a psycho-civilised society (a society adapted to what my hypnosis can do), Mind control societies are dangerous and they could spread around the world, what’s happening here isn’t about mind controlling all of us, its making sure if they want to mind control any of us they easily can. They didn’t expect one thing though... people will fight back. Damion

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