Saturday, 6 July 2013

Brain damage video diarys

My readers can see me in person here, im not at my best in them but if you have read my book you will understand. The videos show what Tony Blair, John Scarlett and John Sawyers have done to make their money and to try and understand the brain and mind; crimes against humanity. This is what lengths these people will go to to try and make money from brain science when they lack the aptitude to do the work. I pride myself on being able to do it the right way.

It is over 18 months later from these videos. At the time I thought what your going to see was a constant stream of nerve toxin creating this but they did this lobotomy to stop people thinking (like their own agents) this was as some MI6 agents have called it an act of god; the top of MI6 hate this, my personal opinion is it is, I don't know... I know it fits into science, but the maths must be billions to one, how many people could have actually survived this and how many people have actually been given a lethal dose of Thorazine? MI6 have tortured me with it to prove I didn't survive it intact.

For people who know a bit about the brain- Im not sure if my phoenix stone (a powerful hypnotic ability from my book) might have something to do with this lobotomy and how hypnosis keeps my neurons there alive, its a frequency in the mind that is well over 100hz, in the range of sound so it must be an ultra high gamma brain wave, this hz is the binding brain wave that mixes up the other ones, this ability actually may well be what saved me..  

These videos are from the start of 2012, I might look for some just before this point, overnight I had the effects of a lobotomy, I felt so dopey for months, my speech slowed right down. Us Asperger have tough minds though, I should do a video from now to show i'm OK. I'm more worried about Blair trying to kill me, quote MI6 'you will get through this but you wont have a life worth living'. It looks like they have given me a drug called benzine to give me lung cancer.

The symptoms in this video are me actually being tortured/experimented on with my hypnosis, imagine if you had brain damage and on top of that people could stimulate these damaged areas in different ways, that's whats happening, so Tony Blair, John Sawyers and John Scarlett to sell the findings on and gain favors.

Video 1 (INTRO)

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

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