Thursday, 25 July 2013

One of the bad things

Brain wave training

Brain wave training is a technique using Quantum Hypnosis to make your mind more active and make yourself more intelligent, MI6 told me about this technique in early 2013. I know little of brain wave training and its effects but I know how dangerous it is, it has unpleasant effects to things like morality in an attempt to stimulate and increase your intellect, it may have some medical uses. I don’t care to divulge how it is done, it is not one simple ability and even when done right it is damaging. If you read my book there is one experiment done on me with this and another in America though this part of my book is incomplete. I know brain wave training was bared for MI6 agents to practice it, I got told it caused too many problems so only the people at the top are allowed to practice it- so that would be Tony Blair, John Sawyers and John Scarlett.
I noted one agent who was cocky enough to think he could get away with me talking to him on the phone without me knowing, he knew about the brain and answered a bit too quickly for someone in his 50’s, he had a pleasant posh accent, I think it was Sawyers. There may be a change in Tony Blair’s reaction time to questioning since he started brain wave training if people study this. I've been told Tony Blair thinks he’s a genius nowadays. This scares me, I won’t let a master race of the rich and powerful who have bought my hypnosis be in control of people without my hypnosis.

On a brain scan both delta waves and gamma waves would be increased (the input and out put of our minds), it increases both input and output of the brain. Whoever had this scan done was a quantum hypnotist who has brain wave trained himself. How far would the wrong person with my hypnosis push this?

The solution to this is regulated hypnosis- People with my hypnosis I feel should have to pass a psychological test first, they should be happy with who they are for starters. People who want to be the most intelligent person on the planet are simply dangerous.

Buddhist monks learn to let go of things like money and power, I imagine there is more wisdom in this than first apparent. The experiments done to me and Gareth are about Tony Blair and his associates being able to take the best qualities from us Aspergers, to make some form of super human.

MI6 say I come across as lashing out when I write such things as this work, crimes against humanity have been committed and wars can go different ways because of things like quantum hypnosis, I cannot and will not be party to crimes against humanity.

There is familiarity with seventy years ago with what is happening here, what is passing out of living memory, there is a master race of the rich and powerful with the elements they want from autistic minds, the persecuted are autistic and children; some of the nicest people in the world, the fatherland is the mind control state which can easily be run from behind the scenes. The entire world needs to work together at adapting to this hypnosis. The wrong people got my hypnosis many years ago and it spread further than people know, if we keep it secret we risk having a master race, me and my shrinks are no better than any other human being.  Damion

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