Friday, 31 March 2017

Uni-virus killer D-locker drug idea

I've had an idea a few days ago, i worked out there is common deominator DNA is all virus. This means we can make a D-locker drug to destroy all known and unknown virus. This will leave you feeling ultra healthy, we carry so many damn virus constantly putting strain on our systems. Ive theorised there may be posotive virus in our systam but we could always reintroduce them. This is a major breakthrough and will save countless lives. I believe a few countries are rushing its development, it might help with the nine virus the Queen and government has given me.

I need to tell you about some guy from big business the hypnotic community call 'God'. You wont believe whats happened to the world, I recently found out he's controlled by American security using my temporal CPU, this has thrown a spanner in the works for them as it where, ill explain more soon. Damion

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