Friday, 3 March 2017

first contact

 Here's what I had to tell you about... I used my temporal abilities to see into the future, I tuned into myself on a ship, it looks like I make a friend there, and she isn't exactly human. I've nicknamed these aliens the Reen. They could be great allies with humanity, however people have started abusing them for their quantum nets and rapeing them and generally being bastards towards them. What the hell is humanity playing at? I've done my best to save Q'reane (my nickname for my friend from the future) but im up against a lot of people. Some people are nice to Q'reane but a lot arnt. We need to get organised as a planet, shes a lot brighter than us, she flashed a telepathic impression of herself to to me when we first met, she seemed realy nice. These guys build ships bigger than earth, they are pretty unbelievable. C'mon guys, we need the worlds governments to take charge of the carltons and munchassens that are plauging us,we really do. We need to work togeter, mi6 are assholes to aliens, and these arnt the only ones. We need to work togeter, theres a lot more to explain.Theres something else thats happened recently, you wont believe it but take my word for it, the world economy is/is going to jump like never before, ill tell you about temporal net soon. Damion

the Reen-

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