Saturday, 1 April 2017

Another net

I met someone on temporal net last night, he's the leader of a group of freedom fighters fighting the mind control society like us in the phoenix net. Society is key in their groups name but mi6 blocked him out, is their name society net, or just society? He leads a lot of people, hes been fighting five years or so. They are famous in the hypnotic community. I'm writing this to help make sure history does not forget them and to help ensure people cannot make them disapear without people having a good chance of knowing. If any good countries could help their number they could use it and id regard it as a personal favour. Thery have been fighting for all of us for a long time.

Luke and MR. Thompson and I think the rest of the net still need the HIV drugs, im hoping this happens soon, i thought this was sorted a while ago but it isnt.

It turns out my brain not being able to break down proteins is worse that what I thought, Im starting to repeat myself over and over in my mind when I am tired and even outlod a bit, there is a distroted area in the middle of my brain where the white matter is located, apparently I have three months to live but a hypnotic ability gives me six to nine, the problem is it takes at least three months to make the drug while my brain is dissolving. I came up with an idea last night though, I asked temporal net if its possible to use today's meds in some way as a cure and it came up wuith a way to mix togeter a few meds together to make a cure. This should save some time...I'm not done for yet. D

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