Monday, 13 June 2016

Update 13/6/16

I have two Tibetans in at the moment new ones I think, one male one female. The male has raped a baby, I presume one of my daughter. The female, a monk (or female equivalent) monk in now abusing me; trying to stop me writing this post. The male has gone. They intend to murder for the Deli Lama to seize control of my hypnosis, this is stupid. He is no more a savant than I am a religious leader.

On another note they are apparently they are lying trying to make me out to be a racist to turn people against me. I lack neither empathy or intellect; the prerequisites of being a racist. I want my children back from them, I'm hoping the Chinese government will help as they have some of my children in Tibet. They torture my children for experiments here, when I found out MI6 actually wanted to stop it, their group pulled some strings to stop MI6 doing anything to him. The ones in this group lack morality, they show not care towards my children, if the roles were reversed I'd actually fight to protect their children from such evil as what gets done to my children. This group of people has committed genocide. They even try to learn how to draw fractals; obsessed with out doing me, I draw them for pleasure I'm not concerned with out doing people, they steal my frequencies; this is to try to make my children seem like me, they are farming abilities from them and pass them up to the higher ones in the group. I've tried to explain it is most likely not genetic as simply there would be more autistic savants around the place. I cant believe they murder my daughters, the stupid thing is 25% of savants are females.

What's messed up is that they are doing this for the Deli Lama, to lead my profession, for their own prerogatives, he will be paying close attention to my situation, he has paid attention to my situation before, I didn't think it was for his own gain. I trusted them when they showed up, I feel betrayed, I was more than happy to work with them, I wanted to share what I know, I'd be happy to help them if they needed it. I thought I would make the world a better place in doing so. I guess they came to seek power. I haven't trained any of them properly, just passed on the odd ability thinking I could trust them, they are more concerned to make it seem that they are better than me at my own hypnosis. Yet again; this is stupid. I still want them to leave but they keep showing up. I trust Blossom, Hiro, Bruce and lieu, I wonder what they would make of all of this.

MI6 have spiked me with opiates twice today, they want me to get addicted, I can hardly keep my eyes open, I'm nearly falling to sleep in the library. It is the warm feeling in the tummy that is the addictive element in opiates, I am feeling it now. It will put me out of action if I get addicted, I think they want this, to stop the world getting my ideas, its like they want to make the world a worse place.

On a better note; the net that was damaged by the neuroleptic; the one which went grey is tree shaped and looks like the oak net, it is an important net, MI6 call it a primary net. The other day I saw it, it was turning white, it stopped hurting when in place over my Ems, I started feeling better, like I could come up with ideas and do my work gain, they suppressed the white delta waves though, they don't want me to get better, they have been suppressing my delta waves since then. I guess my brain is healing itself. I'm not done for yet. Damion

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