Wednesday, 8 June 2016

update on the Tibetan situation

The Tibetans have been attacking me every day. MI6 are now pretending to be them to make out they did nothing in the first place to cover for them. I have been hacking them to defend myself and to learn of what they plan. They want me dead, they are waiting for the cancer. They have been in my room two nights since I last blogged. They have sexually assaulted me believe it or not, they say it is except able to do to their enemy which I find shocking, they cut my nose deeper than usual and mutilated my anus more than what the others do. They want the Deli Lama to be head of my hypnosis, they regard me as an enemy because of this, I think it is wrong because it is a CIA plan. The CIA plan to manipulate world religion to gain power. I think it very dangerous the CIA doing such things, religion is fine as it is without the CIA having control over it. The CIA wants to form a team to replace the Phoenix net, I think they want us murdered and to replace us with people which fit American interests more, I'm sure an American or two will be on it. The CIA came up with this plan within weeks of me getting to America in 2004, I remember Paris mentioning the Tibetans in my prison cell. The CIA has got to these people. The Tibetans have some of my children which I don't like or agree with I've found.

The Tibetans are stealing nets from me thinking they can become savants with them, they don't realize you cant pass on savant syndrome/autism. I have asked them to leave and they refuse. They definitely want me and Luke dead, we have treated them with more respect than most here, I have found out they had a special heart failure poison. They are acting like rats frankly, they are being nasty, they use rape as a weapon, they only attack me because I am in a weak position, they are spreading lies about me it seems, they act without honor as they say in the east or without morality as we say in the west, Blossom and my other Chinese friends like Hiro would be shocked at their behavior, I did not expect this of them, they turned on me overnight. I got 300 of them allowed back to Tibet and have come up with a good plan that has made Tibet a better more peaceful place I am lead to believe, this is a hell of a way to repay me. They do not understand the Deli Lama is not a savant so wont even be able to do what I can with hypnosis. This is stupid.


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