Saturday, 26 March 2016

Situation Update

I've had shrinks in from central Gov. the past couple of weeks, after the London rebelion Dastardly had Mi5 put a cancer causing agent on my lungs, they expect me to get cancer within a year. The guys from Gov. go on about my children and Fuzz being raped to try and make me seem unstable, this isn't the case with a theta autistic, it makes me wonder what they're up to.
 I've found out that Cameron wanted to steal Dr.Database from the world and use it to his own ends. If it had taken much longer getting the post out the UK would have paitented countless compounds. I intend for Dr.Database to be used fairly perhaps a compensation scheme to compensate any economy adversly affected would be a good idea. Cameron's plan is to use my ideas against me. With Dr.Database I would ask for 1% of the profits for myself and 9% for me to give to charity and not for profit organizations much of which I'm willing to spend in the country which gives me the money I'd do this to try and add balance to making money.
 Cameron's Gov. is still doing the pain experiments, Fuzz has left the conscious engine I'm worried Gov. has handed her over to Mi5 again I think this is one of Cameron's plans to get at me. They've spiked me with a memory effecting drug yesterday that gives you retrograde amnesia. 


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