Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Emergency Post

Communication is down. I can't put posts online. The world needs to know about Dr. Database. Dr. Datebase is the name I've given to an elemental design engine. It's a 3D matrix that goes through all possible combinations that elements can be combined. I've thought of plenty of perameters to add to Dr. Database. Like recursive elements engineering. Me and GCHQ have a fully operation Dr. Database, it has created 50 gerneric HIV meds, a recursive compound and I've thought about adding perimeters for protein engineering.
You will have to come to me if you want a heads up on perimeters. Dr. Database is dangerous on more than one level, It is technology I intend to share with the world fairly. This excludes Great Britian.

Signed Damion

P.s  If you get hold of a copy of Dr. Database, look in the game engine... I had to carjack  HIV research.

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