Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Dave Dastardly & his bad guys update

A nazi network has formed in Great Britian. Mi5 have all got bad guy syndrome, a team of shrinks that do a lot of programming have been trying to create the perfect agent. It's all gone badly wrong, they're basically crazy.  Fuzz was recently kidknapped by them, a guy with grey/white hair and beard arranged it ( One of the crazys/shrinks). She could use evac to America. I found out it was Mi5 not the CIA that was killing girls in London to stop the London rebelion.
I've noted 3 types of bad guy syndrome, nazi opperator which torturers get, nazi scientist which the crazys/shrinks get which makes them highly obsessive about their work and nazi politians like what Dave Dastardly ( David Cameron) has, this leads to little or no sense of right or wrong.
I found out Mi5 stole files from the archive to base their work on. They basically continued where the nazi's left off even mi6 are fighting with Mi5. The nazi network has formed in the UK. Something needs initiated. This kind of situation could go world wide in a few years if all the countries go down the same path as Great Britian. We need to draw a line in the sand.


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