Sunday, 31 May 2015

The infinite improbable particle

I've decided to use the symbol of an i with a circle around it for the Infinite Improbable particle that makes up zero dimension, I couldn't help but name it this after I theorised it probably exists everywhere at once (see my work in my notebook linked below for my Temporal reality notes) and that it exists everywhere Quantum particles aren't. I'm thinking of calling the particle that makes up minus one dimension the anti temporal particle now. I'm sure my temporal reality theory in my notebook and all my work on dimension is right. Just a post to log this. If you'd rather hear the weird true story/my autobiography of how this new improbable physics all came about rather than take in something more scientific try this link here. It explains why this post and my life is all Temporal mechanics, improbable particles. It's quite a read I warn you though...Damion

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