Thursday, 14 May 2015

Spectral hypnosis application to bi polar disorder

This is an avenue my shrinks out there should/could explore for me. With bipolar disorder you have one strong dominant emotion in the Id, I have met people with this disorder who I have sensed with my hypnosis who I would describe as anger dominant, moody dominant (PR but he also has a personality disorder) and love dominant. 

I theorise there is a bipolar spectrum made up of all the emotions that are present in the Id, so I'd say there would be love,happy,content,scared and angry/moody dominant types on the bipolar spectrum.

When this dominant emotion stops producing its energy in the Id is when the other pole becomes dominant from the resulting decrease in energy from the Id resulting in strong negative feelings, I think mainly depression and anger emotions.

My therapy idea-

A delta phoenix stone placed at the Center of the Id just above it where the peaks are highest when at the positive pole I'm sure will stop the patient entering the negative pole. This will stop the depression and anger. I imagine it will help treat the dominant emotions of the negative dominant types of bipolar disorder also.

How to create a delta phoenix stone-
The end result phoenix stone needs to be of the same field characteristic as the Id. At 100hz I want you to create fields to collapse in the usual way, delta wave virtual photons travel faster than higher frequency waves so you need to collapse the field faster to make a delta Phoenix, how fast you collapse the field is the first variable I will give you, the second is how dense you make the field you collapse, you change field density with directly concentrating harder or lighter on the field you collapse. The size of the field you collapse is your third variable. The field should be white, you can experiment with brightness as a fourth variable. The fifth variable is selecting the fields hz with our old measure sync/punching technique I taught you. I want you to use these variables to create a delta phoenix stone that looks identical to the patients Id when stimulated. You can always semi collapse the Phoenix stone, check its characteristics and rexepand it then correct it if necessary until you get the right end product. It will need to radiate love quite strongly. Damion

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