Sunday, 31 May 2015

A year in

It's a year today I've been sectioned, it's been a tough year but I still have hope. I hope to be out soon so I can rest, I'm pretty exhausted. I've had a few good experiences like learning the frequency of lightning, it's funny, all the brain damage they have done and I come up with the second most powerful frequency in Spectral hypnosis (the first being my original Phoenix stone), I actually got a day off for developing that ability. I think the frequency may have medical applications and often joke with my shrinks gening the image of a guy laying dying of malaria getting the frequency of lightning and suddenly sitting bolt upright saying 'I ain't dying of no god dammed malaria' (the frequency is pretty potent and seems to act like a super strong natural steroid or something), one of my shrinks took my idea (jest as I did) onboard, an old age female relative of hers was slipping into a coma to die and she remembered what I had said to her, she thought there was nothing to lose and used the frequency. It had a strong effect and kept her going, she was grateful because she got another few weeks with her relative, she really appreciated it apparently. At least the girl went down fighting. I'm sure this ability could save people if used right.

I've been told a good and rather clever country has adapted it's industries to develop my *ahem* for my protein based Parkinson's machine (long story) which is good, Britain and America didn't prioritise it it seems. it's good to know I'm making a difference in the world with my humble blog and ideas, making a difference around the world gives me hope help might show up someday from someone somewhere out there, you never know.

I've had a couple of strange coincidences this year I will write about in my book one day, the post called 'coincidence, random chance, something else and a confused agent' was about a Starling landing on my head and brushing its feathers against me believe it or not. I'm all scientific but I decided it was a sign of good luck, it's wasn't the only sign of good luck I found on the ward leading to a confused agent and then even the head of mi6 a) going back on his word and saying he'll help me and b) you could say having a crisis of faith?. I'm not going to explain here, it's for my book.

I've found out more about the peadophile ring, it's heart is a gypsy community I think near London, they usually abuse foreign children but sometimes British, they dispose of the bodies professionally, I think with pigs. They are the cast of gypsies that are regarded as the 'clever ones' though I don't know their proper name. There are a lot more members than I feared, I have counted 50 or so so far (long story) both in the gypsies community and in MI6, I fear there may be quite a few more than 50. They have ranks like in the army. I am familiar with private/recruit, lieutenant, Sargent and Genral (the top rank). Their main ring leader who's trying to stop my plan to take them down is 'protected status' in MI6. They are working with the CIA still. Me and my blog letting the world know of the CIA foothold in MI6 got the cavalry in apparently getting rid of them for the most part (some old allies came to help us out) but the peadophile ring is seemingly still under their influence. The ring also use nicknames for their penis shape including button,mushroom, shrimp, sausage. I write this as I was told any information can help track them down. There's a guy in the ring who looks like the butcher from coronation street who's name is Martin, he is in his early to mid fifties and on the run from the police. I've got eye opening? Difficult?Surprising? story to tell about meeting Martin and the others from the ring one day.

Just to let people know, I find out a lot of what I know from mastering my neural hacking technique, I found a way to use words like a martial art in my mind with surprising effect, it's an ability they can't suppress/mask with their programming while I sleep. I'd recommend it to anyone who is outnumbered in a fight with some bad Spectral hypnotists. I might be out manned and out gunned but I can be clever.

A lot more has happened on the wards where I've been imprissoned, this is just a little bit of a snippet for my readers to let them know I'm still here and fighting as best as I can, a snippet of my one year in. Damion 

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