Tuesday, 4 March 2014

'Not what it says on the tin'

I met a young mi6 officer recently.She is fresh out of university. She seems really nice. She is being pressured/forced to stay in MI6, she really wants to leave. I've decided to try and help her (I said we'd work together on getting her out of there). She said on more than one occasion 'it's not what it says on the tin' in regard to her work at MI6. She even said at one point 'my dad will do something', One of the bad shrinks started saing 'that won't happen', I cut in the conversation at this point and told her to politely keep saying she wants to leave. To be the waves against the rocks. Here's some info I've managed to find out, apparently if you name and shame an agent there no good for operations so here goes.

I found her name is Emma, the name Sanders/sanderson came up but I got told the second name so dont trust this info at all. Shes 22/23 more or less fresh out of uni. 5,7-9 I'd say. She has a very distinctive quick/low I'd rate mind.  she did either criminology or sociology degree. She has longish hair, it was dark, she had it up with strangely bits hanging down. She misses her days at uni, she liked waring uni chic type clothing (ok won't help too much this one).

This is my attempt at bailing her out of mi6, I could tell she would make a good agent but she would be so much happier out of there. She could have a family, fall in love, things mi6 get in the way of having. I'll add more to this post as and when I find out more. D

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