Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Quantum Spectrum Hypnosis

I've had to change what I call my hypnosis. The story of all this is along the lines of; I found the web site, it belonged to one of the worlds foremost experts of Mesmerism. I read on his site about 'Quantum Realities', I realised this is one of my abilities, that he had being EMT'd at least one of my abilities; reality generation. It would have to had been from me, not only can these abilities only come from a Theta Autistic but telepathy I found he also had passed on is a FQ I created.

I talked to this doctor online, he told me how he practices to see his hand in the hypnotic world, I was actually confused from this, he seemed surprised when I told him I could see my hand and that's how Reality generation was created in the first place. It took me some time for me to realise he had being mal-trained. Its a pretty crap thing to do. Whoever EMT'd him made their head of a really high FQ (another of my abilities) and then EMT'd him. It is a bit mind bending to think but you can make your head really big to change the FQ, then shrink yourself a different way so your heads are of the same size for EMT. Basically he would have such a hard time seeing any body nets without further training. This is a way to stop people learning my hypnosis properly to impede them learning more, I wonder how much money he was charged for this. I was going to show him how to get around this but he didn't seem interested in working together, after all I am in trouble with my government.

On a bit of a tangent I often do wonder who passed this on to him. I imagine every one who learns my hypnosis at some point asks 'If you EMT'd me, then someone must have EMT'd you, but where did it come from in the first place. I always wonder what people reply to this question.

I read on his site people were calling my abilities 'Quantum Hypnosis', I didn't mind the name, it seemed OK so I took it on. Up until this point I was just calling my hypnosis 'Advanced Hypnosis'. For years I've really wanted professionals to at least talk to about terms, other peoples opinions can really help, but I seldom seem to find them due to who I'm involved with. Quite recently I find 'Quantum Hypnosis' already has a pioneer, a Dolorance Cannon in the USA. So I have been looking for a new name for my hypnosis. I think 'Cappelian' hypnosis sounds too arrogant, I've always liked 'Instinctual Hypnosis', My favorite at the moment though is 'Quantum Spectrum Hypnosis' for two reasons, firstly it reflect where this hypnosis has come (an element of the autistic mind) and also I worked out there is an actual Quantum Spectrum of energy in physics. An entire new spectrum of energy. (I just wish my situation was different so I could do at least some work in this new area of science my hypnosis has uncovered.). Quantum Spectrum Hypnosis seems to be the best name so far.

I would like to pass my apologies on to Dolerance for this misunderstanding, All I can say is I am subject to a lot of manipulation, MI6 and the CIA probably found benefit in me calling my hypnosis 'Quantum Hypnosis'.

I am ready to put my Autistic Spectrum work up, I do worry about it though. The CIA and MI6 may want me to put it online to plagiarizer my work or for other benefits. It helped a lot being able to sense some Aspergers minds when MI6 had them online, they actually work for MI6, I worry they want me to do this for some reason. I know they will try to lay claim to as many abilities and Ideas of mine as possible. MI6 cant compete with me so all they have is dragging me down. I'm not happy about them EMT'ing people on the spectrum, my hypnosis is a foreign brain wave to them, I'd have wanted to be there, I've never met anyone from the government anywhere near as good as me with hypnosis, I wouldn't trust people to EMT aspergers, I'd be excessively careful. Not that I'm sure of the benefits of doing this in the first place, I would have liked to develop therapies for people on the spectrum, I know what my mind can do. I think they were given my hypnosis just as an experiment, they could potentially develop abilities that are worth a lot of money to Tony Blair and co, on top of that they can use them to manipulate the Aspie community. I'm kind of pissed off with MI6, they use the two Beta's ive met for...They capitalise on their AS. I actually feel protective over the aspies I've met, I really like them, its nice to be around them. LOL; They have gone on my list of people I always get on with (shrinks, children, I think doctors and now aspies). Every time I meet them they drug the hell out of my though, I tried to barter for a day off, It really does feel like that week with Ice Queen in 2003 (in my book) was the last time I really had a day off. I wanted to spend a day with 'S'(i'll keep her name to myself), I wanted to spend a day with someone more like me than the average person on the street. It never happened, I was off my face on a Pentathol cocktail.

They have a strong interest in manipulating us Aspies, after all they have put all of us all over the world at risk and they need to get out of the blame somehow (probably blaming me knowing them). On top of 'extracting' FQ from us they actually want to transplant all the good bits from us Asipes in neuro-typicals like Tony Blair, It really is like trying to make a master race. This is why I call them bumbling Nazis, they will work out eventually were neurologically different. How many of us have to suffer for this?

About putting my autism work up; it might help me get out of this situation and it really might help a lot of people. It would be nice to end the torture and get away from the drugs MI6 pump me full of all the time. Its taken me ten years of constant problem solving on my hypnosis to get to this point, my work is getting better all the time, its not easy doing this without any post secondary school education.

I've found it's like a damn rabbit hole understanding my hypnosis and the mind, one thing leads to another; you start with hypnosis, that leads to neurology, then that leads to quantum physics. My work would be so much better if I had more resources, and some people to work with. Here's just hoping I do get out of this soon. D

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