Friday, 27 January 2017

update- my kids being mind controled, neuroleptic spike and an idea

MI6 have broken an agreement and have programmed my children. I think the programming is all about alienating us from one another. they waited for us to bond then try use us against each other.  I haven't seen my kids for a few days, Dames popped in, that's when I realised the programming had happened. I felt an empty pointless feeling towards my kids and knew something was wrong, I knew to sync in with it so my own feelings poured through. I've missed my kids a lot.

Younger spiked me with powerful neuroleptics again about two nights ago, they stimulated my frontal lobe, I couldn't sleep for nearly 24 hours and then some kind of depression feeling came, I've not been thinking as much as is normal for me,

I was raped by the SAS again last night so I hacked them. They are on the offensive all round the world, I think to get one over on countries that would push for the UK to be tried for genocide. They are all over the world, they all rape and rape of children is prevalent in the organisation I have also found. They are nasty pieces of work it seems.

an idea I had-
Can we use dr database to create a strand of DNA the body would recognise as foreign and get this strand to attach to target proteins say or other things like cancer cells, this would get antibodies to attach and the bodies immune system would destroy the target. Just a concept I thought about I wanted to share, I'm trying to think of a cure for this grey matter killing protein disorder they've given me, its not easy while recovering from neuroleptics.


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