Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Sharing technology

I've found myself in the position of doing work which effects all of humanity, because of this I need to think of all of humanity, to this end Id like to work for a coalition of country's or the UN if they start a research and development wing for global effective projects. I've put a plan together for me to work with the entire world here. It's just an idea for my friends out there to entertain. I need to develop more tech to make everyone happy and put down details on a project or two. I'm sure country's may want to swap and change projects. It's just an idea for you guys to entertain. I've tried to make country's rely on each other with how I've shared it out. 

China and the USA sharing the bio organic tech may be a good idea, I got told this is already a joint project which I'm impressed about.

Dammit, I need to come up with something for Kazakhstan....long story.... It will be in my book when I write 'the story of the guardian and the heist'

I'd like to add to this page is like to ask for me to get 10% of what my ideas make/are worth, 90% of which I'd agree to spend on charity's and not for profit organisations quite a bit of which I could spend in the country that gives me it for projects like this. I could fund this myself to a degree as well then.

I'm sure we could make this work, it's my plan for the Phoenix net anyway. The world could really use this, seeing the good of my hypnosis, the yang to balance out the yin. It could be the start of my hypnosis being used the right way. I'm hoping were at the start of the Quantum age and things like this can happen, not the start of the mind control age. 

I just want my hypnosis to be used the right way and for it to help the people it can... At the end of the day I did this; my hypnosis, it is my responsibility, it is on my shoulders, I'm doing my best. Damion

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