Friday, 11 October 2013

A cure for degenerative nerve disorders in the press

This is the cure for degenerative nerve disorders mentioned in an earlier post. It looks like this is the start of everything coming out to do with my hypnosis. This was in the press yesterday, it is a way to stop degenerative nerve disorders from killing neurons, Parkinsons works on the same principle as the lobotomy MI6 gave me that I survived. This drug works on the same principle as my machine would, it works by keeping cell membranes open, the same as my hypnosis. I am expecting MI6 to administer this drug to me for their experiments.

At least people are starting to get helped now from my work, for nearly a decade people have being dying from this disorders and others like it while my hypnosis could have saved them.

 I am expecting a lot of other things similar to this coming out over the next year or so to do with the brain, mental illness, neurological illness and quantum technologies. This will be mainly from American scientists who have been given projects from the CIA. The UK gets this one as it is closely linked to me. I hope when america says of all the people they will help and what breakthroughs they have made people find where this has all come from, the needless abuse of children and Autistics.

Whoever came up with the idea for this study knew about my lobotomy. I am one of the mice in the below mentioned study it seems. D

An extract from the Daily Mail October 10 2013

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