Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Luke's in trouble, hes getting tortured again, i hope someone out there can help end this. He got a copy of a book out, a book documenting whats happened. I dont know what its called, try get hold of a copy. This is why I call Luke my partner in crime as it where, hes pretty damn brave, Fuzz tried to get her copy out but was stopped before she could get her copy out also. My friends are ace, for trying to make the world a better place and for trying to save me.

The Queen is torturing me and drugging me with serious brain damaging chemicals for teresa may. Rapes as well, i have disentry or something from it. Some brave country came out with alchemy to save me, thats why the UK governmetn is doing this to me. They are hated around the world, Great britain just isnt that great anymore, its government is evil, they burnt a thousand of my children to death after all along with everything else.

Im still getting a lot of abuse, the pain illnesses are pretty bad and life threatening. im not comming up wth ideas. Temporal net took a hit with the neuroleptics altering my shrinks perception of ime and happiness levels, thats millions of people effected. i shold get better, if us thetas have one strength its bouncing back.


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