Saturday, 8 August 2015

A Quantum Field Generator (and other goings on)

I've been working on coming up with new Quantum technology ideas, I usually work on ideas to help people but I decided to try develop ideas for other Quantum tech. I'm under the impression David Cameron has tried selling at least one of my ideas on so I feel inclined to put it online myself, it's an idea for a Quantum Field Generator that can be applied to a lot-

A Photon traveling through an Electromagnetic field creates a symbiont Quantum particle called a Virtual Photon (this is how your brain produces Quantum particles). There is only a tiny exchange of energy though, my idea is to increase this exchange, turning Photons into Virtual Photons efficiently.

If we compress an electromagnetic field in a similar fashion to how we create a Phoenix Stone (and compile this effect), Photons traveling through this field will be turned into Virtual Photons more efficiently. If we create a dense enough electromagnetic field and focus photons maybe in the form of lasers we should be able to create a very dense field of Quantum energy. This will have many different applications (we can perhaps alter the Quantum particles properties as well), I have put some ideas along with other Quantum technologies down in my notebook, I will share some of it soon. I'm finding myself without the internet, I'm out of hospital but stuck in a care village in a small town called Hornsea which isn't very nice so it's difficult to post.

With regard to my ideas I'm still having a good think about what to put online, I wouldn't want to put down something that was both a) dangerous and b) easy to make (an undesirable mix indeed). To this end I feel I should ask people out there to look into large scale near field controllers/frequency suppressors, I feel they are important to develop. I wish I had more in the form of advice on all this, after all I am just one man.

Recent goings on- 

When Younger came into office as the new head of MI6 I was told he would stop the sexual assaults that Sawyers was so fond of, he started them up again recently along with his long term mutilation of my face (nose, eyes and skin). What ever happened to the British sense of fair play. I was hoping we could at least be civil despite being on opposite sides in a war.

There has been a lot more that has happened I plan to write about in my book someday but it's best I keep this to myself for now... For one it seems it's not just me and Luke who can out do the CIA... Some times some down under tactics are what's needed. Damion  

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