Monday, 6 July 2015

An effective therapy for Traumas

I've met a lot of people with traumas and have had to deal with one myself. It was a hard few years but I kept on trying. I found from my time dealing with it and resolving it I found a certain inner strength. I've taught what I learnt to others but have just recently found implanting 'strength' and doind my inner strength technique (mentioned in an earlier post) as someone's core belief helps with a trauma to a strong degree. You do this by stimulating the middle bottom Ego cell though programming like this I'm not fully familiar with, I used a much more cheeky way to implant this as someones core belief, I will perhaps write about one day. It undid his obsession with abuse he had formed from his long term abuse of a targeted individual. Information flows up personality but the traumas frequency blockades this energy. It can effectively block out aspects from childhood. My technique if taught properly creates an energy/emotion that flows up personality and through the trauma, it helps a lot.

These are ways to change the emotions in a trauma- A person with a trauma can't relax, the trauma constantly stimulates an irritated emotion, they might not even be aware of this. An emotional healing technique I came up with is EMT'ing or stimulating a relaxed feeling, the type of feeling you get when you've had a long hard day at work, you finally get home, get on the sofa and let a big breath of air out. The trauma can also stop happiness, I've tried to share my emotions of listening to my favourite music with people with traumas, this is another emotional key to the traumas lock. I'm absolutely sure a good cry and hug over the traumas cause will be a very powerful way to change the emotions held in a trauma. I've got some resistance and reluctance for the patient to except the emotion, this is a hurdle to overcome with this.

I'm sure there are other emotional keys to traumas, maybe my shrinks out there can find any more that exist.

Only a small part of the brain and the neurons there in are effected by traumas, it is my theory we have evolved to have traumas, humans who have traumas and overcome them are much better survivors. My view on a trauma is it is our brains way of telling us we have an important lesson to learn. Traumas are there to be a good thing in the mind, mine reminds me of strength and to never give up, and also beating an impossible problem (sometimes the solution is trying to solve the impossible problem regardless). Helping people work out the lessons the traumas is there to teach them with help a patient a lot. They can teach you to never give up, that your strong, you can beat impossible odds amongst other things.

I thought I would just share my recent work on traumas with you guys. 

Recently I found a way to turn my hypnosis into Dolerance Cannons hypnosis, it's a way to see and sense emotions, I will share it in my next post.  This has the added perk of getting on MI6's tits as its a cutting edge technique I came up with a year or so ago. Damion

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