Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Phoenix stones, compressed photon fields and delta fields and cancer treatment

The following fields I describe might be of  use in cancer treatment. They could be used to fortify the body's natural defences or in combination with a medical treatment such as chemotherapy. People with better resources than me out there could maybe arrange a project.

A phoenix stone (described in my book) stimulates cellular metabolism I believe in a localised area which could be  useful.

A compressed photon field has a very strong suppression effect on the body. There is a balance between photons and virtual photons in the body, a compressed photon field has way too many photons compared to where you place offsetting this balance. A compressed photon field is made by repeatedly field compressing (collapsing so far) a gen field pushing all the photons in the field closer together. This could be used to alter hydrogen bonds in cells and close membranes.

A delta field, a white easy to gen field alters hydrogen bonds relaxing cell membranes which could help.

The frequency of lightning may also be of use.


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