Monday, 16 June 2014

The story of Ripley and the Phoenix stone- part 3

This is an extract from my yet to be finished autobiography...

It's now September 2013. My life is still constant experiments, my life is still fighting mi6. I've been through so much since I last wrote, but I'm ok, I try be a warrior as well as a poet as best I can. I guess I will have a lot to write about one day. 

I'm now a decade in with my work. I'm now finding it easier and easier to make head way, it's a little like a jigsaw puzzle when you get close to the end. I'm now putting down what I've learnt about Autism, I'm attempting to write my first paper. I have now got to the point where I can fit my hypnosis into Autism and Schizophrenia along with other disorders, hopefully to help a lot of people, what I have said my hypnosis can do from the start. 

Today I am working alone in my bedroom, I come to a conclusion, it stirs me, it takes my mind back to thoughts of Ripley. I finally understand what happened all those years ago, why I survived the lobotomy, why I didn't die from it. I realise it was because of my phoenix stone, what it did when I placed it in my chest. 

I work out It created a new brain wave, an external binding brain wave as I call it, the telepathy brain wave. This binding is what provides my brain with the energy the chemical lobotomy is meant to stop. This should have easily killed me, if it had happened a few months earlier things would have been very different. Still to this day my hypnosis keeps me alive. What's more is I end up in hope for people with Parkinson's disease and similar disorders as they work in a similar way to my lobotomy. I hope this means hope for many people who are facing this fate worse than death. I hope what saved me can save others.

So I sit alone still in my bedroom, I now know what saved me, it is certainly a twist of fate something called a Phoenix stone that did this. Years ago I got told when I was writing my story not to write about when they took my Phoenix stone from my chest, back in my parents conservatory ten years ago. I was told it was a sad part of my life and the world didn't need to know. I now sit ten years later finally understanding. I can't help but think back to Ripley, to what she said all those years ago, just before they took my Phoenix stone from me; 'it will be there if You need it'. 

Damion Cappleman 16/6/14

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