Monday, 25 September 2017

Sunday, 24 September 2017

America attacking me

America is having me brain damaged. It plans to kill me then use my fame to benefit it, I guess they won't be able to. They are run by people in big business. They are typical psychopaths, they stick to their original plan they came up with in 2004. Idiots, after what I've done for them.
So...I've been hacking them...
They have broke some big international agreement and gone rouge, they plan to control all of humanity with tech. Me and mi6 know, this post will let everyone else know. Damion

Situation update

I have prince Charles joining with my nets again, if I tune into my forehead I tune into him. The guys trying to not be an idiot right? How's he gonna achieve this commuting such stupid crimes. I've never met anyone so stupid and arrogant.?
Apparently a lot of the tad get treat like this I've found out, this needs to end, rich idiots abusing us autistics. Damion 

Friday, 22 September 2017

This is acer!

I just fixed two more guys- exactly the same result!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it on! D 😎

This is ace! (personality disorders)

I think I just went and fixed a personality disorder! He has issues from early childhood. His nets went from being dark to a blue colour; his entire EMS, he looks like a different person!
The first words he said when his did my method was 'I'm back' 'yes, I did it'!

What I did- I used a chi technique I came up with yesterday... You imagine your negative feeling like anger (or maybe even depression etc, whatever comes to mind when they think of the traumatic event), you form the emotion into a bigish ball in your hands and then when it's done you simply release it upwards and make it disappear. That's it!

..mi6 are trying in a rush to turn this into a weapon, a right rush for some reason.... Why?

It won't spoil my brilliant start to a new day. Damion

Thursday, 21 September 2017

New idea

I think I've worked out how to go straight to warp rather than accelerating. You cut off from the spacial/E=mc2 field! My type 2- trams dimensional warp drive should do the trick if callobrated right. Damion

The uk government selling my nets

The U.K. Government recently sold my neural nets against my will yet again, they have made many billions from doing this, 50 billion last time. They just told me they sold them for a fortune because they were I replaceable as people knew they planned the recent brain damage. I just found a way to get my nets to grow back, this slowly kills my stolen nets and my nets will now grow back, some brain damaged though. Ha, in your face. Fuckin nazis.🖕

Situation update

Fuzz and Luke have disappeared. I'm guessing the queen and co are lashing out. If anyone can help get them out of trouble id appreciate it. They've been gone a couple of days.

The omni's are doing well, they have a link with temporal net so know an incredible amount. As long as I'm alive they will have access l, I must have mentioned before if I die temporal abilities die. I've recently found out most the abilities die if I do and the associated increase in IQ disapates. This might help keep me alive. The main spine bone has gone, the one between the hips. It doesn't hurt but I am close to being in a wheel chair or dying. I don't care I've had a good week, I freed millions of people in probability who were being used as slaves for one, they are called infinite improbables a (as they are from improbability, that's the past but other routes it could have gone down). People treat them really badly but I'm fighting for them to have rights. I hate to think what it must be like for some of them, the mind control society tried to delude people into thinking they aren't real, they seem bloody real to me when you look in their eyes. Damion

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Broken back

The rape the queen and Charles ordered by the SAS dislocated another bit of my spine, now some chiaropractors of hers a male and a female with dark bobbed hair in her 40's have dislodged the main one at the base of the back. Damion

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Right in the Crown Jewels

I retaliated to the drugings, the queen has lost a lot of her abilities, you could say I took back what I gave in the first place. It looks like it's permanent. Nice work eh?They keep having me raped, last night they dislocated my back from it.  I know it sounds a bit petty but Charles is trying to cover up he's gay. I imagine there's a few stories about him in the navy lol. Damion