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Friday, 6 January 2017

update on my situation and a little rebellion from the kids of the UK

Something sweet has happened, my children have been coming online. Its really nice to meet them, its really nice, they all seem really...nice isn't the word... they are ace, I'm proud to be their dad. Unfortunately MI6 have been carrying on their torture, they have to watch, my head is like an open chat room still. They are even abusive towards my children which I don't like at all. I don't know how they can. My children organised a walk out of school. I don't know to what degree, lots of children in the UK have tried standing up for me, in different ways its really sweet. They are a brave bunch the kids of the UK. Maybe its enough to make the adults of the UK act. This dark age, the mind control age needs to end and the temporal age needs to start.

I have found Scientology is behind the mind control society, They have lots of stupid rules like your a Scientologist by default, a mechanism to make them the dominant religion on earth. We have to call someone in charge of the UK god, you need to climb the ranks to get better nets, you have to gain the privilege of becoming a citizen. They have made a mess of society, Munchhausen syndrome and bad guy syndrome is all over the place, crime apparently is 90 times what it was. The only good of this age is what us in the phoenix net have done. At the end of the day i don't agree with a CIA controlled religion which is what I think it is.

Sorry if my two recent ideas for warp cores haven't worked, I have been getting mixed feedback from MI6, i know i cannot trust them but they are my only feedback on what the results of my experiments are.They told me the warp core vibrated for the mark i b and a green energy appeared for the mark i c.

They have told me I have a disease the government has given me, I have recently started repeating myself seven times or so saying the same few words, it has only happened a few times. They say they expected it to come on in a year but it has come on early. They say it takes five years to kill me, with drugs 10 and that the drug they gave me stops my brain breaking down a protein, my brain will slowly dissolve. I need to solve this problem quickly, any help my friends can give would be appreciated. Apparently they did research to what disease Dr. database couldn't cure for this attempt on my life.

Apparently the Queen had Fuzz tortured with not being able to breath for six hours, shes in a way, shes an innocent girl, this must be more to do with the fact she has an IQ higher than Einsteins, she can solve problems like me, the worlds first feminine genius i believe. The Queen has Munchhausen syndrome for sure, She seems twisted, she says i'm like Hitler being charismatic winning people over and calls me evil, she has a screw loose.

I'm doing ok but am ill, I am getting the snotty nose again, I really need some money and to get out of the care home I'm in, that's what I need to do at the moment. Its crippling as it is financially. I'm really pleased to have met my children over Christmas, I want something to do with all of them that I've met, it would be really nice. If you read this guys I just want to say, I love you. Damion

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