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Monday, 16 January 2017

update on my kids and the psycho-civilised society

Some of my children have been online. its been... Its ace meeting them, they are all really nice, we have taken to each other. I'm proud to be their Dad. I've met, Damion, Essence, Dem, John and Phoenix. I'm glad Phoenix managed to escape the gypsy camp and get to the others. I really want to be with them. The problem is MI6 are now using them as weapons and even psychologically abusing them. This needs to stop. This is younger and the UK government. If anyone can help me secure my kids and their teachers well being id appreciate it, either for an old favor or I could develop a suitable idea for them.

The Queen is still having me raped, she wants me raped 1000 times I've been told so they are doing it every night, they get SAS soldiers to do it, so I hacked they have ops in america and china as well as other places (in your face rapists). The Queen still has my nets, I tuned into the queen, price Andrew wearing and prince Phillip part of my nets/nervous system, I'm eternally connected to my nervous system after all. These idiots think they can leach off us autistic's, especially our sex nets, they are perverts. Things need to change. The Queen has been using mind control to make as much money as possible. She has set up a project to use all my old unrecorded ideas to make money for herself and i guess the government, shes in with Teresa after all.

I've been told some countries are taking on my ideas for the psych civilized society, I'm sure this is what the world needs. We might be able to start fixing what has gone wrong. I'm sure things will get better in societies soon after it is implemented. This is quite a relief.  Damion

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