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Friday, 17 February 2017

MK vii warp core- inverse warp field/warp drive

I think ive got it!

I have been lead to believe this idea has been passed along to other countries outside the UK, I hope so, I know the bumbling Nazis want to make money from ideas like this of mine.

An inverse warp field is in essence bending space time in one direction.

An inverse warp field should propel the entire warp core in one direction at very high velocity if my theory is correct.

We take the vibrating warp core, the mk i c and combine the principle with the following concepts, ill list the inverse warp field perameters by themselve then we can add the vibrating peramets for construction after, bear with me, this is a bit complex without computer models...

Were going to add rings/ocsilators right next to each other (the same size and orbit), they need to be able to get closer and further apart while traveling around the same orbit. At 4D they need to be able to go up to 90 degrees away from their neighbour, at E=mc3 they need to go up to 60 degrees from their neighbout, at 120D they need to go up to 25.714285degrees from their neighbour.

To make a 4D inverse warp field At e=mc2 you need one diocilators (two rings) plus the vibrating concepts diocilators. To make a 20D inverse warp field at e=mc3 you need 6, at e=mc4 you need 14.

the key difference in this field compared to other warp fields is that the orbit of the dioscilators spirals into the orbit of the nect diiosilarors orbit wile travelling to our warp field focal point (the direction we want to get propulsion in) and then the opposite effect while travelling away

The field basically bends to one focul point, as if you have stretched space time in one direction.

The extra diocilators are nesessary to maintain field integrity, without them I think the field may collapse.

The field is bent so this may mean we might have to ocilate it at a slightly different speed nearer the field focul.

The ocsilators may need to bend with a circular telescopic mechanism which may be a pain to get the right arbit.

A computer model of an invese warp field should look really cool, like this but more complex and having a focul point...


P.s ill try get my diagrams online soon, this is really important but its really hard to put into text. In my mind ats easy to grasp/convery, good luck guys who attempt to make the mk vii.

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